Friday, May 1, 2015

A Need for Necessities

We have many necessities in our lives. Eating and sleeping are a couple obvious needs that we cannot live without. However, we also have lifestyle necessities such as our public utilities. One important public utility is gas, which provides our homes and businesses with fuel for heat and energy. This important necessity requires highly qualified construction and service workers to ensure the utility is working at peak performance.

Gas Utility Construction and Service

At M State, we offer a diploma program in Gas Utility Construction and Service. This program provides students with knowledge in maintaining and operating high- and low-pressure natural gas distribution. Currently, M State’s program is the only Gas Utility Construction and Service diploma program in Minnesota and North Dakota.

This program can be achieved in just two semesters at M State. Our affordable classes provide individuals with the opportunity to obtain a degree and enter the workforce in as little as nine months. Class sizes are small, so students receive a personalized education with hands-on instruction.

This field is estimated to have seventy-three current job openings, and it is expected to increase by over six percent over the next four years. Students can expect to make up to $63,000 a year in the field, with 50 percent of workers making about $42,000 a year. Openings are located throughout areas of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Get Started With M State

For students looking to enter a rewarding and in-demand field, look no further than M State’s diploma program in Gas Utility Construction and Service. Visit our Gas Utility and Construction Service page to learn more about this program. Start your career with M State, today!